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Mineral Application: $50
Bridal MakeUp: $75
AirBrush MakeUp: additional $25 charge

Permanent MakeUp / Cosmetic Tattooing method.

Permanent Make-Up which is a form of tattooing gives the client an eyebrow that looks as if it has been shaped and colored correctly to fit one’s facial features.
Generally, this procedure is done using a permanent tattoo machine. This machine then uses a certain amount of pigment to create different hues on the skin. When permanent eyebrow procedures are conducted, the pigment is inserted much further into the skin then the often miscompared to semi-permanent microblading. The Permanent procedure gives a longer lasting results, but still not as deep as one would with other body tattoos. More than one treatment is required and treatments should NOT be performed before a 4-6 week healing period. This could result in scaring if performed too soon. You will experience some shedding of the tattoo during the healing process which is normal and is the cause for follow up treatments. No Alcohol, Aspirin, Vitamins, or any substances that make cause blood to become thin for 72 hours before. scheduled appointment. 

EyeBrows : $500
Lips : $500-$600
EyeLiner : $300-$400
Areolas :$600

Pigmentation Tattooing Camoflaging : A cosmetic pigment is inserted  into the skin area gradually to blend your skin tone with the surrounding skin and make it almost invisible. This treatment is good for scars or burns which have left the skin lacking pigmentation. consultation needed for price.


A technique inserting pigment into the skin surface, producing a thin line hair affect to make the EyeBrows fuller and appear natural.  No Alcohol, Aspirin, Vitamins, or any substances that make cause blood to become thin for 72 hours before scheduled appointment. May take several treatments to achieve desired results. 
A form of semi- permanent makeup that proves a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of stimulated hair; using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Over time the strokes can blur and fade and will need to be refreshed.

MicroBlading : $400

prices may vary.

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